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At Texas Giclee we produce the Most Beautiful printing anywhere!

Refunds, Cancellations & or Changes:

All of our products & services are custom products and prepared especially for you. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or order cancellations or partial order cancellations. The cancellation deadline for all orders is 4 hours from time or order placement. If you do cancel an order, we only will cancel the part of order NOT YET PRINTED. IF the order is completed, even within the 4 hour window, we still charge you. If part of the order is not completed, we will issue you a credit for the part not finished if canceled within the 4 hour window. If for some reason you order then do not supply images needed to produce the order, we will hold your order open for a 7 days, then we will convert your order to an in house credit for later use. No Refunds - However you may recieve an in house credit that is good for 6 months.  



All unauthorized returns will be refused and NO credit will be given. Permission must be given to return a product in advance. If we do allow an order cancellation we will still charge for all work completed up to that time. If we do a refund for any reason, other then our own error, there will be a min. charge of 20% or $15.