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Your fine art print studio!
At Texas Giclee we produce the Most Beautiful printing anywhere!
Order your poster files in high quality matte and semi-gloss papers. We have made
ordering so easy! If you have a large number of prints, you can test print
your file as a proof in box below this section.
Professional Editing Art ReproductionOrder a Single ProofOrder a Proof Set

             POSTER DESIGNS!

Need help with a Poster Design?

We offer great poster design services. We can design a poster for an event or product. Our designs are fantastic and can be done with a budget in mind.


Did you know we also offer framing services. DESIGN, PRINT AND FRAME.......... We offer it all at one shop location.



Starting at $79.00

When you order, you receive:

* Digital Scan
* Color Correction
* Professional Sharpening
* A Printed Proof of your work.
* One CD with Tiff and Jpeg file

We offer full art reproduction services. If you are an painter or artist, we can help you turn your artwork into a digital file for Giclee Reproduction.

We offer printing of your digital file for limited edition works and offer you documentation of media and archival inks used in process, as well as the date of print.

Do you need very high end scanning services for your artwork? Simply send us your work and we will digitally archive it for you. Visit this page to learn more!

$10.00 per proof

When you order a single proof, we take your original image and print two images on the media of your choice. You can select canvas or paper.

We will print a 4” x 5” full image, cropped to size and the second image will be 3” x 5” at full scale of image so you can see details.

Remember, we are printing your image file “As Is”, if you need a corrected file please order a double proof.

$20.00 per set

Ordering a double proof allows you to view your original file and you get to view a color corrected and sharpened file also. You can view both and how they look in print. Our color correction and sharpening is fantastic. However, if you still like the original, we are happy to print that for you.

We will print two 4” x 5” full image prints, cropped to size and two images will be 3” x 5” at full scale of image so you can see details. One proof will be the original file and the other enhanced by us.