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At Texas Giclee we produce the Most Beautiful printing anywhere!

Why might I need a proof?

We highly recomend proofing when you need to make sure your sumitted file image looks the very best for your final print. This is especially true if you are ordering large quanities of a print. It would be sad to have many prints that are not the very best you could have achieved. You may also desire a proof when you need to achieve accurate colors for art, high end photography and digital art.

If your monitor is not calibrated properly, you may think you have achieved certain colors. However, your screen colors may be off from what your print files is actually saying. When you order a proof, you can see what your file is going to look like on the paper of your choice. We offer proofs on canvas and papers.

Your proofs after printed will be mailed to you for your inspection. Proofing is charged per image.

Order a Single Proof

$10.00 per proof

When you order a single proof, we take your original image and print two images on the media of your choice. You can select canvas or paper.

We will print a 4” x 5” full image, cropped to size and the second image will be 3” x 5” at full scall of image so you can see details.

Remember, we are printing your image file “As Is”, if you need a corrected file please order a double proof.

Order a Proof Set

$20.00 per set

Ordering a double proof allows you to view your original file and you get to view a color corrected and sharpened file also. This allows you to see both and how they look in print. Our color correction and sharpening is fantastic. However, if you still like the original, we are happy to print that for you.

We will print two 4” x 5” full image prints, cropped to size and two images will be 3” x 5” at full scale of image so you can see details. One proof will be the original file and the other enhanced by us.

Art Reproduction

Starting at $79.00

When you order, you recieve: * Digital Scan
* Color Correction
* Professional Sharpening
* A Printed Proof of your work.
* One CD with Tiff and Jpeg file

We offer full art reproduction services. If you are an painter or artist, we can help you turn your artwork into a digitial file for Giclee Reproduction.

We offer printing of your digitial file for limited edition works and offer you documentation of media and archival inks used in process, as well as the date of print.

Do you need very high end scanning services for your artwork? Simply send us your work and we will digitally archive it for you.

Our scanning services include color correction and sharping at no extra cost. When finished we will call you with cost of return shipping and include a CD of your arwork in Tiff and JPEG files. We will also include a proof of what your piece looks like printed.

Please do not order if you have varnished your artwork or it has a high gloss finish. High gloss finished makes it very difficult to reproduce.